5 Best Android Cellphone Security Applications

5 Best Android Cellphone Security Applications

Talking of applications on Android, it turns out that users are always provided with a variety of applications that are very useful in PlayStore. Android users do not need to worry about the security that is on Android. The reason is, you Android users can protect your cellphone with 10 of the best mobile security applications in the Bitnity version.

These applications are an Android safeguard from thieves. Not only that, Android users can also ensure the security of sophisticated mobile phones with several Android security applications. Is there an Android cellphone security application that uses only fingerprints? Find the answer in the following review.

5 Best Android Cellphone Security Applications:

  1. Find My Device

It’s free, you can use the Find My Device application to secure Android-style smart phones with this practical, free application. Find My Device is one of the HP Android security applications that guarantees your personal data.

No need to worry about personal data such as messages and other data will be taken by irresponsible people. The reason is, you can use the Lock feature to lock all your data from other people. Also, you can enjoy the erase or show message feature to set whether messages can be seen or deleted immediately.

No need to be afraid of actually losing your favorite smartphone after being cheated. The advantages of the Find My Device application can also track the whereabouts of your cellphone you know. So, this application is classified as safe right? Download the application here.

  1. AppLock

Has different features from the Find My Device application, this time the application to secure is present as an application that will lock all your folders and data in an advanced Android-based cellphone.

Not just locking your folders and photo galleries, even AppLock is able to lock all your social media. This of course will provide security for Android users who install the AppLock application on their cellphones.

How to work from the AppLock application without the hassle and hassle. You only need to choose which applications and folders you want to lock and create a password. Easy right? You can click here to get the HP security application, AppLock.

  1. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Surfing the internet without any history and guaranteed from any kind of privacy? You can choose the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser application as a privacy and security application for browsing. How do I browse with the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser application?

Of course it’s easy, you only need to surf the internet like you’re searching using Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Of course, all types of personal data when you are browsing, confidentiality will always be guaranteed. Easy, practical and also free. Want? Download the application here.

  1. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Still with the HP security application to secure personal data when you are busy looking for information on the internet. This time the application comes as Ghostery Privacy Browser. This application has the same function as DuckDuckGo Search & Stories.

In addition to securing personal data on the internet, Ghostery Privacy Browser will also guarantee you to speed up your internet connection too. And what’s even more fun is the availability of the tracker feature. Here the Ghostery Privacy Browser application presents more than 2,200 tracker with more than 4,500 scripts. You are interested in trying out this application? Click here to download the application.

  1. GlassWire

Well, if the previous discussion about HP security applications for galleries, folders, also securing personal data on the internet is another case with GlassWire. This application provides a service where you can find out how much data packet consumption is used for each application.

GlassWire will provide a comprehensive, detailed graph. Not only that, GlassWire is ready to provide notifications when there are applications that use your data plan or use excessive data packages. And, of course you can control which applications can use Wi-Fi. Want to try? Download the application here.

Well, that’s all a collection of Android cellphone security applications, the best version of Bitnity. You can download the application in PlayStore according to your needs. Which application do you think is the best?

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