5 Secrets to Promoting Youtube Videos

Already have your own video and channel but still don’t know how to promote YouTube videos? Maybe there are some of you who are experiencing it.Actually, problems like this are common. Already have a good video but only a few views. For creator or business actor content, this is clearly not what is expected.

Their purpose in making a good video is to get a lot of views to get material benefits. For this reason, Koen creators and business do not just focus on making videos. Knowing how to promote YouTube videos is no less important.

What You Need to Consider Before Promoting Youtube Videos

1. Target audience or audience

2. Types of videos promoted

Promoting videos is actually not much different from promoting a product. You must be able to attract people’s attention so you want to see the video that you have made.

In order for the video to get a lot of views, there are a number of things to consider.

1. Target audience or audience

Who is your target audience?

Before starting to market Youtube videos, you must determine your target audience and understand who they really are. Get to know their age range. Know what the gender of your target audience is.

Information like this will be very helpful in designing the most appropriate way to promote YouTube videos.

The more you know your target audience, the easier it will be for you to design a promotional strategy that is right on target. Types of videos promoted

2. There are many types of videos.

For video marketing, there are several types such as video branding, educational videos, demo videos, testimonial videos and many more.

Each type of video has different characteristics.

For this reason, how to promote it also can not be beaten flat.

For example, for the type of educational video or how-to video. This type of video is rich in information. This element is very suitable if promoted in an online forum that specifically addresses the issue or problem that you want to answer with the video.

Other types of videos such as video branding also require different handling.

Because this video focuses on the introduction of a brand, one suitable way to promote YouTube videos is to use paid advertisements.

The Ideal Place to Promote Youtube Videos

1. Online Forum
2. Blog
3. Social Bookmarking

The place you promote YouTube videos also determines how many potential views you can get.

Don’t just promote YouTube videos on social media.

There are many reasons why social media is not included in how YouTube videos are promoted. Instead of promoting YouTube videos on social media, you can choose the following places.

1. Online Forum

Forums are the best place to discuss everything. Places like this are often used by internet users to find information and ask something. There are many communities formed in online forums.

This gives you the opportunity to promote Youtube videos that are relevant to the topic being discussed.

2. Blog

Using a blog to promote Youtube videos? Actually this is not a strange thing. You may have seen a blog that contains YouTube video content in one of its posts. But because what is discussed here is how to promote YouTube videos, you don’t have to create a blog from scratch.

Try to work with bloggers who open opportunities for guest writers or guest blogs. You can write articles from Youtube videos that you make. Next, embed the Youtube video into the article.

3. Social Bookmarking

Actually social bookmarking does look similar to social media. It’s just that, here you can share anything on the internet. You can also share Youtube videos that you have made here.

Just choose social bookmarking that has many users and has a user profile that is similar to your target audience. Thus, the potential to get a view will be even higher.

How to Promotion Youtube Videos

1. SEO optimization
2. Collaborate with other YouTubers
3. Giveaway for Active Subscriber
4. Create video playlists
5. Take advantage of paid advertising

There are many ways to promote YouTube videos. Some of them are very fundamental and must be applied. As for the others, you can choose to use it or not. The level of effectiveness of each method of promotion is also different. But if you are looking for ways that have proven results, here are some ways to promote YouTube videos that are worth trying.

1. SEO optimized.

Choose relevant and profitable keywords then use these keywords in the video title, video description and hashtag. This SEO optimization is widely applied by YouTube content creators. So if you want to win the competition, SEO optimization is one way to promote YouTube videos that must be applied.

2. Collaborate with other YouTubers

This collaboration is not the same as endorsement. As the name implies, there is an element of cooperation in it. The collaboration video was made together, from concept to execution. Therefore, be sure to work with YouTube that video content is relevant to the video content that you normally make.

Collaboration helps increase the reach of your campaign. In addition, collaboration can also be a “showcase” of creativity.

3. Giveaway for active subscribers

A Youtube channel is not possible to succeed without a good video. But a good video is also not very useful if there are only a few people watching it. The influence of subscribers on the number of views is not always significant.

However, subscribers open up opportunities for you to get a lot of views. For new channels, increasing the number of subscribers is usually the initial target.

But so that people are interested in becoming subscriber and even help you increase the amount, offer a giveaway to them. Giving a giveaway can be a pretty powerful YouTube video promotion method.

4. Create video playlists

If you already have several videos, start making a playlist. You can create playlists that only contain your videos or mix them with other relevant videos.

By creating video playlists, you can increase the range of promotional videos.

5. Take advantage of paid advertising

There are many ways to promote YouTube videos that can be done without spending a cent. But if you want to reach more viewers, paid advertising is indeed much better.

Youtube itself has this feature.

By using the paid advertisement feature, your videos will be shown more often by Youtube. You can also specifically arrange who your target audience is. If the video that you make is often displayed on the home page, the opportunity to get a view is also greater.


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