How To Make Unique And Interesting Articles Easily

How To Make Unique And Interesting Articles Easily

Many bloggers complain about the demand to write articles on their blogs with content that is considered unique and interesting. Because of course it will greatly affect the development of a blog itself. Because indeed with so many unique and interesting contents, it will be very liked by visitors and also search engines

Because if a blog discusses a topic that has been widely reviewed and scattered on the internet, of course visitors will feel bored and assume our writing is stale, especially if the content is copied and paste, obviously this is not recommended. Moreover, if the blogger is still just jumped into the world of blogging. Because I noticed lately more and more new bloggers are popping up, and usually they choose to become a blogger because they often hear the lure of being a blogger that can gain dollar coffers, yes that’s true but it’s not easy .

Easy Ways to Make Unique and Interesting Articles

The first

Decide first what topics you will discuss before you write. Surely this point is very important and must be prioritized, no matter whether your discussion has been widely reviewed and scattered on the internet, because you can still make it seem unique and interesting to read, of course by applying the techniques that I will discuss next. Now, if you’ve found what you are going to discuss to write, then the next is the technique of making a title.

The second

After you determine what will be discussed, the next is the technique to create a title. Make the title of the article that can make people become curious. I am sure, those of you who are currently reading this article, at first only because they were curious. Because the title of the article I deliberately made so, although in fact I could have made the title of this paper like:

“Powerful and effect1ve ways to create unique & interesting articles”

“The secret to making articles liked by visitors”

“A great way to [email protected] writing like a reader”

And many other examples, above are simple examples of how to create unique articles. then, why didn’t I choose one of the examples above? Stale answer! why did I say stale? because the three titles above may have been widely used by other people, while the topic discussed is certainly not too far from them, therefore this article I give the title “Making Unique And Interesting Content That Is Easy And Not Difficult” because it is easy and not difficult right?

In essence, to create a content we must be able to captivate visitors only from the title, as you are captivated and read this article.

Nevertheless we must try to be able to compile the contents of the text also relevant to the title.

The third

After the title, then the next is the contents of the content, and this is the point
the common thread, because content is the main factor. so that the contents of the content seem unique and interesting, then all you have to do is write the contents with things that are just the opposite, because I accidentally never typed a keyword, for example I took the example of typing “advantages to being an adsense publisher” but instead it came out ” don’t want to be an adsense publisher. “Well, that is a real example, because there are so many people discussing its strengths, the opposite article will actually be unique and certainly interesting to watch.

The fourth

Next is that you don’t need to focus on writing down the benefits, strengths and weaknesses, in writing so that the results are unique and interesting, stop focusing on writing about the benefits, strengths and weaknesses. It is true, if all three are the ones that are usually sought after by visitors, but we must remember that the competition in the three is not easy for us to slide.
Therefore I suggest you write not only focus on the things described above, start looking for ideas from the other side, not only have to be useful, while being able to entertain and be able to captivate the readers why not. because besides it’s easy to get writing ideas, the chance of your article perched on the first page is also getting bigger, because there are few people who write but in the same topic and discussion.


Supporting factors, henceforth so that your content is more unique and interesting, in addition to the problem of the contents of the writing and the topics discussed, which is equally important is the supporting factor. What are they?

  • Video and Pictures.

Well, both are suporting fact0rs that have a n important role in a c0ntent. For that try on every article that you make always include both, or at least you include only one picture in each article.

Because it is very clear if the two files give the impression that an article is very informative.


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