How to Write News in Online Media that is Good and Right

How to Write News in Online Media that is Good and Right

Writing a story on Online Media is like we are promoting a product in the crowd. One of the few readers can immediately turn to other media which they think is far better in terms of the quality of information and the like.

Especially at this time not a few online media that offer a variety of information plus ease of access just to increase the number of potential readers.

As stated by BBC journalist Rob Liddle who said that if in a media competition the reader must immediately be captured by his attention to be interested in entering and reading the news that we present.

How to make a good and correct online news writing so that it will be of interest to readers?

Seize attention

According to Rob Liddle, online media readers are known to be ‘disloyal’. They will scan web pages to find out about news developments and if they don’t find something interesting, they will quickly move to another site. So, it’s good you immediately grab their attention, as soon as possible.

When you are compiling news, imagine you are writing to people in a very crowded and crowded place. What sentences are right for them? Therefore the first paragraph is very vital to make them not move to other news sites.

Nice and interesting title

The reader will scan the front page and a good title ideally reflects the contents of the news. This is important so that they will not be disappointed when clicking and reading news. If the news content does not match the title or does not meet their expectations, they can immediately close your news page.

Try not too long

News as short as possible because it is difficult to read long on the mobile phone screen. This is different from print media. In many cases, you don’t need to add a lot of background to the news you write because the background is in other news and you will always be able to link these stories if you feel the reader wants more information. Also, if your news contains many elements or elements, you can divide it into several news sections.

More alive and more colorful

Electronic media, such as television and radio, easily make news come alive because electronic media reporters use video and audio. If you use the text format more often, try adding quotes and other details to make the news come alive and more colorful.

Rewrite the news

The contents of the news that you write must be clear. If you have time, consider rewriting because by rewriting you might get better results. Also make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors before they are published. Readers won’t like finding faults and they might e-mail you and point out the basic mistakes. In addition, readers will judge the news we present is considered less credible just because of a typo.

News appearance

As a writer, you might have already imagined the composition or flow of the news you write. The news you write may be very interesting, but on a computer or cell phone screen, your news will appear as a few paragraphs. It sure is boring. Therefore, use strong photos, graphics in the form of data, and quotes.

Make use of multimedia

Is writing hundreds of words the best way to deliver news on the internet?

Maybe a photo gallery, video, or audio is much better than text. Maybe the news about a true story or reflection is more touching for example when combined with audio. And that’s the advantage of online media, the ability to combine text with audio or video.

Analyze and compare news

Look at how the media and other news sites treat news. Try to analyze why the same news is better on one site and mediocre on another site. Try to pay attention and what makes the news better. Find out what readers are looking for on a news site. Statistics will help you find out what news is popular and what is not. You can learn a lot from here.

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