This Is How Gamers Make Money

This time I will discuss about how a gamer or someone who likes to play the game can make money. Yep, surely you are advised how?

There are some of my friends who ask on social media, they are really curious and ask “bro, can you work just playing games, how can you make money?” . That’s what he said, and there I answered, why can’t I, and he was getting even more confused by asking this and that.

And with this article I will answer, from what I already know about how to make money just from playing games. Because not a few gamers who now earn money from playing games.

Ok guys, let’s talk about how a gamer makes money right away:

This Is How Gamers Make Money

Playing Games That Really Produce Money Bags

Don’t be surprised, guys, because along with the development and advancement of technology, now the game can no longer be underestimated, as we know that if previously playing games was only just entertainment to get rid of boredom.

But it is different nowadays, where the gaming industry around the world is so serious looking at the gaming world as a lucrative new business. And therefore making competition among the devolovers to make the game made can attract gamers, and one way is to make a game in which players can make money.

For example yes guys, among the games that can make money are:
– Street Racing War
– Mystery Photos
– Fok * er
– And others.
Please find the playstore names of the game or the like.

Working Together With Brands Or Companies To Conduct Sponsorship Or Product Review

Next guys, a gamers can make money by working with one of the companies / brands and you are sponsored by it or you review the products of the guys. How? Ok for the way is the following below.

Become a YouTuber Gaming

Yep, this way, you can do sponsorship or product review and also work together and a brand / company, because here you can promote it. And this is also buming in this century guys, where now there are so many gamers who also jumped into the YouTube world with their channels that carry videos about playing games. Loh, what’s the connection? Obviously it has something to do guys, you know YouTube, you know that if you become a YouTuber you can make lots of money, how do you do that?

The trick is to register your YouTube channel with Google AdSense, and they become Google’s partners to display ads on their YouTube channel that contains video gaming, and they are paid for by Google.

Become a Gaming Blogger

Just like being a gaming YouTuber guys, being a gaming blogger is also one way a gamers can make money, how to do it ?, the same way that is to become a publisher or publisher of advertisements, but to become a gaming blogger, we don’t need to be fixated on just one advertising site, we can try and choose which would produce more.

The difference with YouTube, which is also in terms of content that is stretched, if on YouTube the content is video based while on text based blogs. It works as simple as that, guys, you just routinely make posts from what you know about the games you play, starting from tips & tricks or whatever information about other games.

Take part in the Tournament Or the

e-Sport Athletes Game Competition , this is a term commonly referred to for those who are used to taking part in game championship contests. E-sports athletes, now can no longer be underestimated, with the large prizes given at the championship of a game competition, it is not surprising that many gamers practice every day to become champions in every event there are competitions.

This profession is suitable for those who really really like playing games and become professionals who are really proficient or expert, in a game usually in Indonesia, on average for one tournament we can get a variety of prize money (depending on the scale of the tournament and we win several) ranging from one million to tens or even hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Like a few months ago, the Mobile Legends game held a tournament throughout Southeast Asia (5 countries) held in Indonesia (Taman Anggrek mall) on 1-3 September 2017, with a total prize of 100,000 USD (around 1.4 billion rupiah). The first place is to get a total prize of 50,000 USD (around 700 million / team). One team consists of 5/6 people. The point is that every player / gamer can earn up to 100 million (this is not a small amount right guys).

Buy and Sell Items or Game Accounts

How gamers get money from games, one of which is also buying and selling game items guys, or also selling game accounts. In my opinion this might be common for gamers, where they sell in-game items that are needed by other gamers.

For this point, I suggest, if you want to make money from games this way, then you have to upgrade, the point is that you don’t go out of style, you have to know what games are buming right now. The goal is, so that the activity of buying and selling items that you do sell well because there are many gamers who need it. Imagine, if the buming is a mobile legends game, and you are buying and selling COC items, although there are still some people who play the game, but it will be difficult and less room for you to sell it, because not many of them like it . You know what that means guys.

Now that guys some ways than I know about how to make money just from playing games. Hopefully this information can provide answers for you, which you might be confused about how a gamer can make money.

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